Simple and beautiful birthday cake, let’s take a look!

Cake is an ancient pastry made by mixing several materials. After stirring, preparing, baking and other steps, it is made into a sponge-like dessert. In the Middle Ages, cakes became common in European homes, and the custom of eating cakes on their birthdays began. Because in the Middle Ages Europe was still very feudal and superstitious, they believed that there were demons in the world that could devour the soul and do evil everywhere. And think that on the birthday, when the human is the weakest life value, the soul is most likely to be invaded by demons. On your birthday, friends and family will gather together to bless and pray, and use the good luck brought by the birthday cake to expel the devil. So “cake represents good luck”. Until now, people still firmly believe that not only birthdays, but also any important moment, there will be cakes, witnessing happiness and joy.

Different cakes represent different moods and meanings. Birthday, love, wedding, in such an important moment of life, of course, we must share with friends, friends, lover, and even classmates and colleagues, and become an unforgettable moment of life in memory.

Simple and beautiful birthday cake, let

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